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The American College of Cardiology (ACC) is the world's preeminent cardiovascular organization whose members include physicians, physicians' assistants and nurses. ACC's mission is to advocate for quality cardiovascular care - through education, research, promotion, development and application of standards and guidelines - and to influence health care policy.

The Challenge. ACC was enhancing the attendee experience at its 2007 Annual Meeting through the addition of audio commentary by Key Opinion Leaders at its poster area on the trade show floor. Attendees could call a 1-800 number from their cell phones while on the floor to listen to the commentary of these key opinion leaders. This greatly enhanced the in-person attendee experience; however ACC also wanted to replicate this experience online.

The Solution. Astute developed a custom solution which allowed for virtual attendance of the poster sessions. Through customized technology, virtual attendees could view each of the posters online and click to zoom into specific parts of the poster slide while listening to the audio from the Key Opinion Leaders.

The Benefits. ACC was able to ensure that a much larger audience benefited from the information presented in their Annual Meeting Poster Sessions. By creating Virtual Poster Sessions, the important content was available 'on-demand' allowing for greater reach. Those unable to attend certain poster sessions, or those unable to attend the annual meeting at all, could now experience the content just as if they had been on the trade show floor.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is the United States government's principal agency for protecting the health of all Americans and for providing essential human services, especially for those who are least able to help themselves. The department includes more than 300 programs covering a wide spectrum of activities including health and social service research, disease prevention, and the provision of health information technology.

The Challenge. The Department of Health and Human Services wanted a program to promote and educate healthcare workers on improving cultural competency in healthcare. With a geographically dispersed target audience of doctors, nurses and first responders, HHS needed an approach that would provide convenient, universal access to this information and incentivize participation in the training effort.

The Solution. A multimedia course was developed by Astute Technology, based on a curriculum developed by SRA International, Inc., that showcased video based case studies filmed by Astute to deliver an engaging, self administered online training program. Accessed over the web through a robust education and training portal developed using Astute's Knowledge.PORT, the program is available anytime, anywhere providing highly valued convenience to the health care community. A testing and certification element was incorporated into the presentation to drive and reward program participation.

The Benefits. HHS has certified over 18,000 doctors, nurses, social workers and first responders across the U.S. in its curriculum on culturally competent healthcare. Outcome studies report that physicians who took the courses attempted to be more cognizant and sensitive to cultural differences, took more time with patients and asked more patient-centered questions.

A non-profit organization, the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), strives to improve cancer care and prevention while ensuring that current cancer patients receive the highest quality care. As the world's leading professional organization representing physicians who treat people with cancer, ASCO is committed to advancing the education of oncologists and other oncology professionals, to advocating for policies that provide access to high-quality cancer care, and to supporting the clinical trials system and the need for increased clinical and translational research.

The Challenge. ASCO hosts a large scale annual meeting with lectures presented by the leaders in clinical and translational oncology. Medical professionals attending the event learn about the latest advances in cancer treatment, prevention and survivorship. ASCO wanted to provide those members who could not attend the meeting, or those who attended the meeting but were unable to attend certain sessions, with access to the lecture information in an engaging format with quick turnaround, along with the option of receiving continuing education credit.

The Solution. Using Conference.CAST Astute Technology was able to digitally capture and edit more than 500 hours of scientific and educational presentations from the ASCO Annual Meeting. In less than 24 hours, the extensive volume of content was deployed to online kiosks at the meeting, posted to the ASCO website and was also repurposed for DVD and podcast distribution. In addition, Astute built a Continuing Medical Education (CME) online learning portal to expand the value of the meeting content for the ASCO members. The multimedia lectures captured from the annual meeting provided the educational content which was integrated with Astute's Net.SCORE platform to provide self assessment and evaluation tools for ASCO members to conveniently earn CME credits, anytime, anywhere.

The Benefits. ASCO members benefited from the immediate availability and convenience of online access to annual meeting content, and the opportunity to receive continuing medical educational credit (CME) upon successful completion of the online evaluation program. CME certificates were available for the participant to print out which provided instant gratification for the member and fulfillment cost savings for ASCO. In addition, ASCO could track and document the online participation in this educational program. Also, many attendees purchased DVDs of the session at the conference. Based on the success of this 'virtual content', Astute captures content from many of ASCO's other smaller meetings throughout the year.

The American Society for Microbiology (ASM) is the world's largest scientific society of individuals interested in the microbiological sciences. The organization has grown from 59 scientists in 1899 to more than 43,000 members today, with more than one third located outside the United States. The members represent 26 disciplines of microbiological specialization plus a division for microbiology educators. The Society's mission is to advance microbiological sciences through the pursuit of scientific knowledge and dissemination of the results of fundamental and applied research. One of they key goals for ASM is to support programs of education, training and public information.

The Challenge. ASM develops many continuing educational programs today spanning from group teleconferences and individual online webinars to large scale conferences with hundreds of sessions over multiple days. ASM provided individual certification for all of these activities using a manually intensive process requiring time and resources from their education team.

The Solution. ASM recognized the challenge and wanted to offer their members one place to view, test, certify, and track their continuing education credits. Using Astute's Knowledge.PORT offering with Net.SCORE, ASM now offers an integrated CE Portal whereby its constituents can participate in online courses, evaluate those courses, and print certificates directly from their desktops. Not only can users participate in online courses (webinars), but they can also use the portal to claim credits, evaluate sessions, and print certificates for live meetings and conferences simply by inputting their conference badge id conveniently from their home or office. Certificates are dynamically generated based on the user's self-selected certificate type. A key feature of Net.SCORE and the ASM CE Portal is the ability to print dynamic 'transcripts' for all activities participated in on the portal - each time a course is completed, the transcript is updated.

The Benefits. Users of the ASM CE Portal benefited from the immediate access and convenience of an online portal to view online courses, claim credits for live courses, and print certificates and track all credits earned via the portal through a dynamic transcript. Users can purchase new activities through the portal and can track all activities purchased and their progress within that activity so if they didn't get a chance to complete the evaluation for a certain course, the user would be brought directly to the evaluation module the next time they selected that course. ASM Education directors also have access to a robust, web-based administrative engine whereby they can view and download test and evaluation results, manage user accounts, and report on site and course utilization.

The Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography (SCCT) is the international professional society representing physicians, scientists and technologists advocating for research, education and clinical excellence in the use of cardiovascular computed tomography. A primary goal for the society is to ensure state-of-the-art application of cardiovascular CT through training and accreditation and to provide members and other health care professionals Continuing Medical Education (CME) opportunities in cardiovascular CT.

The Challenge. SCCT was hosting the first Cardiovascular CT Board Review Course, providing physicians with an intensive 2-day course including 15 on-site sessions to prepare for an exam 2 short months after the conclusion of the meeting. The meeting was sold out to a live audience of over 800 physicians. While the sessions all provided critical learning material for the physicians, recalling all that was learned in such a compact session could prove challenging. In addition, SCCT wanted a way to extend the content from the meeting to those unable to attend in person.

The Solution. Using Conference.CAST, Astute was able to capture all sessions of the Board Review course for SCCT, put those sessions into one of Astute's premium players, and replicate onto Flash-based DVDs all while onsite. SCCT was then able to sell the DVDs onsite. Astute also created the DVD packaging prior to the meeting so that the Executive Director of SCCT could provide a "preview" of the product to meeting attendees generating interest and excitement prior to the availability at the conclusion of the meeting.

The Benefits. Attendees were ecstatic that they could purchase the DVDs onsite commenting that the time sensitivity of the conference is critical and a delay of days, weeks or longer in getting out electronic review products is no longer useful. Those unable to attend the meeting were able to quickly order the DVDs from SCCT and take advantage of this timely and relevant information. SCCT more than covered the cost of Astute's services through the significant sales generated onsite. The Society is also generating member value through the immediate dissemination of educational materials.

The Copper Ridge Institute (TCRI), affiliated with The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, is an organization focusing on the research and education of care practices associated with dementia. Meeting its mission will improve the quality of life for patients and families with Alzheimer's disease and other memory impairing disorders. The organization develops evidence based care methods, advances research in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease, and teaches this new knowledge.

The Challenge. TCRI recognizes that the number of people caring for loved ones with Alzheimer's disease in the home is growing. Home caregivers are not provided with the tools that could help make this difficult job a little bit easier. TCRI wanted a way to extend the key learnings and practices associated with The Copper Ridge Model of Care©, a proven evidenced based method of caring for those with Alzheimer's disease.

The Solution. TCRI partnered with Astute to develop an originally produced video program featuring re-enacted vignettes that illustrates these proven care techniques. Working with TCRI, Astute developed the script and produced a 45-minute video training including casting, filming, editing and DVD packaging. In addition, the program was made available on a portal that Astute had developed for TCRI, - a site providing a powerful resource for professionals and home caregivers.

The Benefits. Home-based caregivers for the first time had access to a video based training to help with their every day needs. The "chapters" of the training allow caregivers to review key areas when they have time, i.e. eating, sleeping, medication, etc. Providing access to the program on also allows caregivers to access additional materials and resources that can help make this challenging task a little bit easier. Astute also helped TCRI market the program through sophisticated online and viral marketing tactics. Leveraging this educational material has also helped TCRI to identify and secure new funding sources to further expand its educational programs.

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