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October 29, 2008

Astute Conference.CAST Brings Teachings of World-Renowned Neurologist Kari Stefánsson to the Masses

World renowned neurologist Dr. Kari Stefánsson recently spoke during The George Washington University Medical Center Grand Rounds. Dr. Stefánsson is the CEO of deCODE Genetics, a global leader in gene discovery. The company's population approach and resources have enabled them to isolate key genes contributing to major public health challenges from cardiovascular disease to cancer, genes that are providing us with drug targets rooted in the basic biology of disease.

Using Astute Technology's Conference.CAST® technology, The Cheney Cardiovascular Institute was able to capture Dr. Stefánsson's presentation and rapidly deploy it to the internet so that physicians all over the world can experience the Grand Rounds just as if they had been in the auditorium.

The Cheney Cardiovascular Institute has found this technology so powerful that it has now become a standard for the monthly Grand Rounds.

To view Dr. Stefánsson's presentation, click here.

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