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August 5, 2009

Cultural Competency Curriculum for Emergency Responders Released

RESTON, VA, August 5, 2009 – Astute developed the technology for the newly released Cultural Competency Curriculum for Disaster Preparedness and Crisis Response. This is the latest Web site in the Office of Minority Health's e-learning suite of cultural competency courses. This program is designed to equip disaster and crisis volunteers and personnel with the awareness, knowledge, and skills needed to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate services to diverse communities during all phases of disaster through an innovative and engaging platform.Some comments from people who have taken the program have said "This entire course is not the run-of-the-mill course! I like the way this is set up and employs examples and audiovisuals. This gave me an opportunity to move at my own pace, review as needed, pursue beyond the minimal when desired and simply reflect on what I would do in a given situation" , "I thought that the material was presented in a very concise but thorough format. I learned a lot!" and "Great method for learning cultural competency in disaster situations!"

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Additional information can be found at OMH's Web site.

Cultural Competency Curriculum for Emergency Responders Released

OMH on July 1, 2009 announced the release of its latest cultural competency e-learning program - Cultural Competency Curriculum for Disaster Preparedness and Crisis Response.

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Minority Health, Garth Graham, M.D., M.P.H., said emergency preparedness in minority communities is high on OMH's list of priorities. "I'm pleased to announce that we are launching a comprehensive cultural competency education program for disaster personnel. The program trains individuals such as emergency managers, first responders, social workers, and disaster mental health workers in effectively serving culturally and linguistically diverse populations at every phase of the disaster - preparedness, response and recovery," Dr. Graham said.

In addition to the Cultural Competency Curriculum for Disaster Preparedness and Crisis Response, OMH offers a suite of cultural competency programs available at, including A Physician's Practical Guide to Culturally Competent Care and Culturally Competent Nursing Care: A Cornerstone of Caring. OMH also offers the Health Care Language Services Implementation Guide, which is a web-based interactive tool to assist in planning, implementing, and evaluating language access services to better serve limited English proficiency patient populations and decrease disparities in access to health care.

OMH's free online programs allow the busy professional to earn continuing education credits in an atmosphere of their choosing and at their own pace. Institutions can alternatively opt to follow the small group format that allows a team to train together, discuss, and plan based on its own organizational needs and experiences. In addition to continuing education, the Think Cultural Health site houses up-to-date information on issues related to cultural competency, health disparities, and health care for racial and ethnic minorities. It also tracks and reports groundbreaking cultural competency legislation around the country. Think Cultural Health is a one-stop cultural competency clearinghouse.

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