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August 5, 2010

Astute Produces Educational Cultural Competency Vignettes Focused on Post-Surgical Care using Astute ScreenTest methodology

RESTON, VA, August 5, 2010 – Funded by a grant from Johnson & Johnson, Astute Technology recently completed scripting, filming and editing of three clinical vignettes that demonstrate cultural competency in the context of surgery to treat scoliosis, knee surgery and a neurosurgical case. This effort builds on Astute's successful site, which provides up-to-date information and training on cultural competency and has awarded over 350,000 continuing education certificates over the past three years. Education about cultural competency has become increasingly important as healthcare providers are faced with a multi-cultural patient population with various health belief systems, and a significant lack of cultural competency education in the area of post-surgical care was identified.

Once preliminary vignette scenarios were determined, Astute played a primary role in writing and editing scripts based on a final selection of three scenarios in the areas of scoliosis, knee surgery and neurosurgery. After extensive casting and on-location shooting at The George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates building, the 12 hours of filmed material was edited down to the three final vignettes, available in both 5-10 minute and 2-3 minute long cuts. These vignettes will ultimately be used to provide continuing education opportunities for providing cultural competency education which specifically focuses on the post-surgical aspect of healthcare.

Astute made use of the ScreenTest methodology for this effort to more effectively go from communication goal to finished media. ScreenTest involves the following steps: creation of script, script approval, quick read of script (inexpensive non-professional video read), distribution of quick read via video streaming, critique by experts, modification of script based on critique, shoot, critique of shoot, re-edit and release. Each step of ScreenTest leverages the power of the Internet to enable distributed and rapid review of media. In this way, Astute is better able to achieve the communication needs and provides reviewers and content experts with greater insight into how the materials will be received before the expense of production. In so doing, we achieve better quality media products faster. ScreenTest is yet another way that Astute Technology continues to advance the process and methods of producing cutting-edge video.

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