Astute Technology's suite of online learning tools transforms meetings and conferences into educational programs.

Our end-to-end solution gives you the capability to rapidly turn your events into media that can be distributed through the web, DVDs, and mobile technologies. Members, customers, or your constituency will now be able to access what may have been a one-time event, from anywhere at anytime.

Our testing and certification platform allows you to evaluate user comprehension and offer continuing education certificates directly from the web, as well as access user statistics, test results, evaluations, and much more.


Record live audio and video meeting content and quickly transform it into rich multimedia for viewing through web, DVDs, or iPods


Create audio content to enhance static documents like articles, abstracts or paper-based training


Provide global access to the information through microsites branded for your organization or event


Test knowledge comprehension, measure user satisfaction, and offer certification all through a user-friendly web interface

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