Record live audio and video meeting content and quickly transform it into rich multimedia for viewing through web, DVDs, or iPods

Monetize Your Conference Content

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  • Multimedia event recording
  • Distribution often within 24 hours
  • Selectable multimedia players
  • Multiple output formats -- web, DVD, or iPods
  • Indexing and meta-tagging for search
  • Web-based editing to easily replace sensitive information

Astute Conference.CAST® is a tool for recording audio and video from meetings, live trainings, conferences, lectures or symposia and transforming that content into media that can be rapidly distributed to users all over the world through the web, DVDs, or other mobile devices.

Using our non-intrusive technology and onsite support, Astute will record audio, video and slides from your event - including any pointer movements or embedded video within presentations. That way, you'll have a multimedia archive of the event that anyone, anywhere can view just as if they had been sitting in the room. Distribution can often be achieved within 24 hours.

Conference.CAST is powered by Astute's patented and patent pending Encore software (U.S. Patent Nos. 6,789,228; 7,689,898; 8,286,070; 8,918,708), and has robust indexing and meta-tagging capabilities making it easy to search the content while editing or when your audience is watching the archived material. The web-based editing tools allow you to quickly and easily edit the raw content. This is especially powerful when sensitive information was shared with those in the room but is not appropriate for a wider audience - the information can simply be edited before the multimedia archive is created.

Conference.CAST helps you:

Save on travel without losing the impact of the original message from the expert.
Capture important meetings or trainings one time and distribute to a much wider audience.

Create a new revenue stream by offering online or DVD subscriptions to content.
Capture content from large-scale conferences occurring over multiple days and sell the content to those unable to attend or those able to attend only select sessions.

Allow a wider audience to view a meeting but prevent them from seeing any restricted information.
Leverage web-based editing tools that make it easy to replace slides or other specific content that shouldn't be viewed outside of the original meeting.

Make it easy for your audience to search the content.
Tag content so that audiences viewing the content through the web or on DVDs can easily search it.

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