Encore Software

Enables rapid and efficient capture of live conferences, training, or symposia

Astute Conference.CAST is powered by our patented technology for meeting capture. Encore is the back-office application leveraged by our on-site support that enables rapid and efficient capture of live conferences, training, or symposia. Our non-intrusive device has been configured to easily connect to the audiovisual feeds already set up in the room and then Encore records the meeting exactly as it occurs, including any pointer movements or embedded video - preserving the important nuances of the conference. Encore has been developed over 10 years and has the capability to scale from capturing a meeting in a single room to capturing sessions from over 50 concurrent rooms.

The Encore software has robust functionality to associate metadata with each presentation including speaker name, presentation title, and any other pertinent information so that the multimedia files are indexed enabling search and retrieval. Encore also has a publication workflow so that different presentations can be published in different ways based on speaker permissions or approval by any review boards. The web-based editing tools allow for easy slide replacement so that sensitive information is not published in the archived version of the presentation and then shared with those outside the room. The software also allows for a simple choice of output formats to create the final Conference.CAST including web, CDs, DVDs, or iPODs.

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