Provide global access to the information through microsites branded for your organization or event


  • Modular framework
  • Email a colleague and interactive polling features
  • Integration with Conference.CAST, Phone.CAST and Net.SCORE
  • Single sign-on or site specific user registration
  • E-commerce
  • Indexing and meta-tagging
  • Variable work-flows
  • User management and audience analytics
  • Communication with users

Astute Knowledge.PORT is a tool for distributing multimedia educational content through the web. Think of it as an entry point and online home for your educational content allowing users at any time to access it no matter where they are. Knowledge.PORT can be used as a 'microsite' where an educational website is created for one specific event or purpose, or it can be created to support ongoing programs.

Knowledge.PORT is the wrapper that holds all of your content together. Pair it with other Astute tools to create an end-to-end online learning solution - Conference.CAST for creating multimedia educational content, and Net.SCORE for testing and offering certification against that content. Integrate Knowledge.PORT into your existing website through single sign-on functionality, or create it as a stand-alone site. If you want to limit access to the content, select the registration module which requires users to register with the site and logon. By leveraging the registration module, you'll be able to analyze key site and content usage by user type as well as give access to or assign different modules of content based on the user profile.

Populate Knowledge.PORT with content that you've created, or leverage Astute's Conference.CAST or Phone.CAST to record live meetings or trainings and upload it to your customized Knowledge.PORT site. If you want to test users or offer certificates for learning specific content, Knowledge.PORT easily integrates with Net.SCORE, Astute's online testing and certification platform. Knowledge.PORT is hosted by Astute on its state-of-the-art hosting platform which means thousands of users can access multimedia content on the site at the same time without issue.

Knowledge.PORT helps you:

Provide access to educational content no matter where your end users are.
The web-based interface provides easy access to multimedia educational content at a time that is convenient and productive for end users located anywhere in the world.

Create virtual meetings and events.
Capture important meetings or trainings with Astute Conference.CAST and upload it to Knowledge.PORT, giving users all over the world access to view it just as if they had been in the room.

Create a new revenue stream by offering online subscriptions to content.
Leverage Conference.CAST to capture content from large-scale conferences occurring over multiple days and sell the content via Knowledge.PORT to those unable to attend or those able to attend only select sessions.

Target curriculums to different types of users.
Offer different access to content based on your user profile allowing you to provide information that's relevant or appropriate for varying audiences.

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