Test knowledge comprehension, measure user satisfaction, and offer certification all through a user-friendly web interface


  • Online testing
  • Course evaluations
  • Self-service for users to print certificates and transcripts
  • Course authoring tools including test parameters
  • Variable work flows based on user type
  • User management and analytics
  • Reporting modules with charting and exporting
  • Outcomes tracking
  • Single sign-on

Astute Technology's Net.SCORE® is a tool for online testing, certification, and tracking of outcomes. Net.SCORE has both user and administrative modules. From a version of Net.SCORE branded for your organization, users can access courses, take tests, complete evaluations, and print certificates or transcripts directly from their computer. Course content can be generated from an Astute Conference.CAST or can be based on any other material uploaded to Net.SCORE - including original case studies or vignettes that Astute can create for you through our Creative Services team. Or, you can conduct a course with a live audience and then, when convenient for them, users can logon to Net.SCORE to complete a test and print their certificate. Users have access to course content, course progress, resource materials, interactive polling, test performance compared to their peers, views to correct and incorrect responses with explanations, and a host of other features to enhance and measure their learning experience.

Net.SCORE's administrator tools allow administrators to create courses with any associated tests, evaluations or different workflows based on user type. As an administrator, you also have access to a wealth of reporting and analytical tools including user demographics, individual and aggregate test performance, and course evaluation data. All reports come with a graphics package and can be downloaded for further analysis.

Net.SCORE helps you:

Test knowledge comprehension from a distributed audience.
Users can access courses, tests and evaluations through the web, from any location at any time.

Save costs by letting attendees of live meetings or events print certificates online.
Eliminate the need for your staff to print or mail certificates to people who attended your event. The attendees can access Net.SCORE and print the certificate directly from their computer at their convenience.

Enhance the value of your educational programs by offering transcripts.
Users can print transcripts reflecting any credits earned or courses taken as part of your ongoing educational programs - especially important in professions that require proof of credits earned on an annual basis.

Easily create courses that can vary by different types of users.
With the web-based course authoring tool administrators can create courses, tests, evaluations, and certificate templates based on different user types through a simple set of selections.

Access and download reports from anywhere.
Administrators can use the web-based reporting module to analyze, at the individual or aggregate level - usage, test performance, course feedback, course progress, certificates issued, and much more.

Track outcomes to enhance future programs.
Leverage the outcomes module to track pre- and post-course knowledge and behavior changes based on individuals or groups of users.

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