Create audio content to enhance static documents like articles, abstracts or paper-based training


  • Phone-based audio recording
  • MP3 output
  • Outbound email component for communicating with experts
  • Web-based editing
  • Self-service podcast creation
  • Audience analytics

Astute Phone.CAST is a tool for recording audio content that can be used on its own, or to add color to any static document like presentations, abstracts or articles. You can get commentary from experts all over the world simply by asking them to call a phone number, enter an access code, and speak into the phone as if on a conference call. A set time isn't required so your experts can use Phone.CAST at any time that is convenient for them. Phone.CAST records the audio and makes it immediately available in MP3 format. You can then share it with your audience through the web or email or make it available as a subscription podcast.

Phone.CAST's email tools allow you to send instructions to your panel of experts including the dial-in number, access code, and any questions or topics you would like them to cover. The web-based editing tools make it easy to combine multiple Phone.CASTs into one larger audio presentation or, add music, intros, or outros to create a branded series.

Phone.CAST helps you:

Bring static documents to life.
Get audio commentary from the original authors who can highlight key points in their voice and make a user experience much more engaging.

Easily record expert commentary from anywhere in the world.
Ask experts from anywhere in the world to answer questions or comment on specific topics at any time that is convenient for them just by calling a phone number, entering an access code, and speaking into the phone as if on a conference call.

Rapidly distribute information.
Use Phone.CAST to record timely and relevant audio content, any time day or night, and a file can be immediately created to upload to the web, send via email, or add to a subscription podcast.

Create a new revenue source through subscription podcasts.
Leverage Phone.CAST to create a subscription podcast series by combining audio commentary from a panel of experts. Combine the audio into one podcast or use a different expert each time to create an ongoing series.

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