Astute Technology has a wealth of expertise in helping our clients develop, track and measure outcomes associated with specific learning agendas. Organizations need to report not only on the number of employees, members or constituents who participated in educational programs, but on the cognitive skills, attitudes, values, or behavioral changes that occurred with the individuals or populations as a result of participation in the programs. Astute has the expertise and the tools to help you refine your objectives, develop targeted outcomes, and track and analyze those outcomes.

Outcome Tracking
Tracking outcomes can often be a daunting task. Astute Technology can integrate the collection and tracking of outcomes directly through the use of the Net.SCORE online testing and certification platform.

  • Establish surveys to assess pre-program, baseline skills, attitudes, and behaviors for individual and/or organizational performance.
  • Gain consent and communication preference from participants for post-program surveys increasing the likelihood of longer term study participation.
  • Secure incremental demographic and psychographic data from post-program participants during the initial program.
  • Conduct regular post-program surveys through web, phone, email, or other channels based on the self-reported best means to communicate with the participants.

Outcome Reporting & Analysis
Astute Technology can provide the technical expertise to analyze and report on program outcomes. Data that was collected directly into Net.SCORE is processed through statistical software packages and results can then be analyzed and interpreted by experts on Astute Technology staff. Astute also has writers on staff to package the analysis into comprehensive and dynamic reporting for dissemination within your organization or for publication, to help secure grants or sponsorships for future activities.