Astute Technology offers solutions for the enterprise, small and medium businesses, associations and the government. No matter what your industry, Astute's suite of online learning tools helps you deliver specialized information and educational programs to the masses - quickly and efficiently. Astute Technology's e-learning solution couples rich multi-media content development and delivery with an online anytime, anywhere testing and certification platform. It's user-friendly, flexible, and cost-effective.

Astute's e-learning solutions will help you:

Create virtual meetings and events
Capture important meetings or trainings with Astute Conference.CAST and upload it to Knowledge.PORT, giving users all over the world access to view it just as if they had been in the room.

Save on travel without losing the impact of the original message from the expert
Capture important meetings or trainings one time and distribute to a much wider audience.

Provide access to educational content no matter where your end users are
The web-based interface provides easy access to multimedia educational content at a time that is convenient and productive for end users located anywhere in the world.

Test knowledge comprehension from a distributed audience
Users can access courses, tests and evaluations through the web, from any location at any time.

Access and download reports from anywhere
Administrators can use the web-based reporting module to analyze, at the individual or aggregate level, usage, test performance, course feedback, course progress, certificates issued, and much more.