Solutions for Associations

Let your conferences drive long term educational value and member satisfaction

Associations provide many benefits to their members and to their community of interest, however, education often holds center stage. Whether supporting professional advancement, promoting recent developments or providing accredited educational programs, associations are committed to driving member value through information programs.

Rich educational information is delivered from content experts in a variety of ways.

Expanding access to your meeting content - beyond the meeting framework - and repurposing the material for additional uses can offer many benefits to your association.

  • increase the overall value of the initial program
  • improve the meeting return on investment
  • increase member satisfaction
  • provide additional association revenue opportunities

Packaging the content from these events for future use has many applications for your members which can serve as loyalty builders or new revenue streams. Meeting attendees may miss some sessions or desire a repeat viewing. Many members will not attend the meeting but would appreciate the opportunity to receive some or all of the information in a different manner at a later time. And your conference content could be repurposed for member accredited educational programs.

The Astute Solution for Associations

Astute Technology offers the product capabilities and practical experience to help you drive this additional value from your events.

Multimedia Presentations
Our meeting capture technology can quickly produce high quality, multimedia applications for extended attendee viewing or accredited educational efforts. We will capture audio, video and slide content from your meetings with our non-intrusive technology and onsite support and quickly produce an engaging, multimedia presentation. This method delivers a seamless, user friendly meeting replication in which the original content and speaker performance is preserved.

On Demand Access
This multimedia application can reside on your association website for restricted or unrestricted member viewing. And because it is online, they can attend these on demand meetings and seminars at a time and place that is convenient to them, thus driving member utilization and satisfaction.

Tracking, Testing and Certification
If you want to track online attendance or evaluate information comprehension, we can supply monitoring and testing tools with our Net.SCORE platform. Customized testing can be incorporated within the multimedia presentation or offered at the end of the educational module. Continuous education requirements can be supported with the certification application. The user can print certificates upon course completion and certification status can be tracked and stored within the system. Tracking and reporting on course utilization and outcome results can be performed at the individual, group or organization level.

Outcomes Assessment
Outcome assessments can be a critical component of successful educational programs providing insight into the value of your program to support continued utilization, course modification and funding requests for future efforts. Astute Technology can help design an assessment process for you to define and measure your program goals and evaluate the desired outcome attainment. Tools include pre and post survey implementation, data analysis and outcome reporting.