Solutions for the Enterprise

Turn corporate meetings into measurable educational online experiences

From annual leadership meetings to training seminars to new product announcements, the Astute Solution for the Enterprise will help you capture the event one time and rapidly distribute that event in a multimedia format over the web to thousands of locations. Make sure the training was successful through online testing components, all through an easy-to-use web interface.

The Astute Solution for the Enterprise

Multimedia Presentations
We will capture the content from your meetings and quickly deliver an engaging, virtual online meeting so that your target audience can hear the information directly from your company leaders and content experts.

On Demand Access
Employees can access the multimedia presentations in a user-friendly application on your company website. And because it's online, they can attend these on demand meetings at a time that is convenient to them, thus supporting productivity needs and employee satisfaction.

Tracking and Testing
You can track online attendance or test information comprehension, with monitoring and evaluation tools.

Here are some examples to illustrate how Astute Technology Solutions for the Enterprise can support your communications goals quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

Annual Meetings

Current Situation
Top management gathers each year to review the company's performance and goals. While many may travel from disperse locations to attend this event, it is likely that they represent only a fraction of the employees who require the information. How this content is subsequently delivered to the masses varies widely. The attendees may be directed to hold meetings with their staffs to review the information and then set off a series of domino meetings cascading down the line. This process takes time, has no monitoring mechanism, and lacks the benefit of subject matter expert delivery.

The Solution
Let Astute capture your annual meeting content and efficiently produce a multimedia web application for convenient, on demand viewing of the original presentations. Using our non-intrusive technology and on-site support, we will take audio and video output of your speakers along with their presentation material and produce an engaging, user-friendly web application that we can quickly post to your company website or a specially developed microsite.

Your meeting content will be instantly available across your target audience, for on demand, anytime, modular viewing to support their business schedule. You will enjoy complete content integrity and accuracy without the cost of an army of local trainers and content experts. Track employee viewing of the online annual meeting topics, by individual, region or department. Provide viewer testing modules for material that you want to monitor comprehension and incorporate viewer surveys for topics that you'd like to gather feedback.

New Product Rollouts

Current Situation
Your products and services are always changing and improving. Everyone needs some level of training and information about the latest offerings. Your product marketing team typically stages a big introductory meeting for corporate management delivered by the key experts. You'd like to get this information out quickly, efficiently and competently to a much larger target audience. But you don't have enough content experts in the field to support a widespread campaign; and a traveling road show simply takes too long. Sending presentation slides alone lacks the spirit and depth that the expert speakers provide and producing DVDs can be expensive, time consuming and lacks content control. And perhaps you'd like to track participation and test knowledge transfer or obtain employee feedback.

The Solution
Astute Technology's Solution for the Enterprise can help you quickly deliver an engaging, measurable educational experience that employees can easily access via your company website. We will capture the presentations from your executive product rollout and deliver a multimedia, training application to your intended audience. In this way, your audience gets the benefits of your expert speakers from a formal setting and you get the assurance that the content is delivered in the most accurate and complete manner. The e-learning content can be posted on your website so that it is available, on demand, to your target employees for viewing when and where they are available, supporting employee productivity and satisfaction. In addition, you can update the content, when required, to keep the information current and accurate. Audience viewing can be tracked and you can embed a testing program, via Net.SCORE, to evaluate comprehension of the new information and also issue certification, if required.