Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses

Train your sales people without incurring travel expense

From training updates to new product announcements, the Astute Solution for Small and Medium Businesses will help you capture a training session one time and rapidly distribute that event in a multimedia format over the web to any of your locations. Offer training on your products to customers or distributors in a more engaging, multimedia format. Make sure the training was successful through online testing components that have the functionality of a large scale LMS without the hefty price tag.

The Astute Solution for Small and Medium Businesses

Multimedia Presentations
We will capture the content from your training and quickly deliver an engaging, virtual online training so that your target audience can hear the information directly from your product experts.

On Demand Access
Employees, customers or distributors can access the multimedia presentations in a user-friendly application on your company website or a targeted training microsite. And because it's online, they can attend these on demand training sessions at a time that is convenient to them, thus supporting productivity needs.

Tracking and Testing
You can track online attendance or test information comprehension, with monitoring and evaluation tools. Offer certificates of completion that can be printed directly from user desktops.

Here is an example to illustrate how Astute Technology Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses can support your communications goals quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

New Product Enhancements

Current Situation
Your products and services are always changing and improving. Your sales team, customers, or distributors all need some level of training and information about the latest offerings. You'd like to get this information out quickly, efficiently and competently to a much larger target audience. But you don't want to incur the travel expenses to send your experts out on the road. Sending presentation slides alone lacks the spirit and depth that the expert speakers provide. And perhaps you'd like to track participation and test knowledge transfer or obtain feedback.

The Solution
Astute Technology's Solution for Small and Medium Businesses can help you quickly deliver an engaging, measurable educational experience that sales people, customers or distributors can easily access via your company website or a specially developed training microsite. We will capture the presentations from your product experts and deliver a multimedia training application to your intended audience. In this way, your audience gets the benefits of your expert speakers from a formal setting and you get the assurance that the content is delivered in the most accurate and complete manner. The e-learning content can be posted on your website so that it is available, on demand, for viewing when and where your audience is available, supporting productivity and satisfaction. In addition, you can update the content, when required, to keep the information current and accurate. Audience viewing can be tracked and you can embed a testing program, via Net.SCORE, to evaluate comprehension of the new information and also issue certification, if required.